Our top 5 marketing campaigns of 2017 (so far) - No. 3, Alzheimer’s Society

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July 10, 2017

The third instalment of our ‘top 5 marketing campaigns of 2017 so far’ highlights the benefits of uniting for a common cause, which is why...

Alzheimer’s Society's 'United Against Dementia' campaign has made it to number 3 on our list.

This powerful campaign hit the headlines in April, because for the first time ever, the UK’s two largest commercial channels, Channel 4 and ITV, worked together with Alzheimer’s Society to launch their brand-new campaign “United Against Dementia”.

The advert was simultaneously screened at the prime time of 8:55 pm, calling for all people to unite in the fight against dementia. As part of the campaign, they ran a series of teaser ads, both on television and social media to build public awareness and engagement, resulting in a huge following ‘uniting’ together.


Why did we love this campaign?

Reason 1 -It’s thought-provoking and poignant. This was a rare and unique opportunity for two rivalling brands to come together for a very special cause, which granted the Alzheimer’s Society huge exposure, and some serious brand activation.

Reason 2 – It highlighted the power of corporate partnerships and the publicity they can generate. (Check out our sister company ECHO’s website for more information on how corporate sponsorships and corporate partnerships can help your business.)


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