Our top 5 marketing campaigns of 2017 (so far) - No. 2, Beefeater Dry Gin's Major Brand Refresh

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July 10, 2017

The second instalment of our 'top 5 favourite marketing campaigns of 2017 (so far)', goes out to gin lovers everywhere, with...

Number 2 on our list - Beefeater Dry Gin's Major Brand Refresh -

In June, Beefeater unveiled its first major marketing campaign in over a decade with a major brand refresh. Capitalising on the growing trend for fresh new brand targeting the new generation of gin drinkers. Stepping away from the Beefeater based London stereotypes, they’ve turned their hand at capturing the ‘real’ place London is today. In doing so, they have launched a major

But why do we love this campaign? Two reasons!


Reason 1 – The use of consistent yet tailored content all with the familiar bright red branding. 

Reason 2 - They cleverly tailored the messaging to different cities such as Manchester, so as not to alienate cities outside of London.


By doing this they’ve increased the relevance of their campaign amongst their millennial target audience and developed positive engagement around their brand! How clever is that?


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